Google Unveils New Essential AI Features for Campaign Managers

Omer Leibenzon
At Google Marketing Live 2024, Google introduced impressive new AI tools designed to elevate ad creation and campaign management.
Google Marketing Live 2024

At the annual Google Marketing Live 2024 (GML) conference, Google showcased a range of innovative AI-driven tools aimed at simplifying marketers’ tasks and significantly enhancing campaign performance. Here’s a closer look at the latest updates and how to effectively utilize them.

Enhanced Image and Video Editing

Google now offers advertisers advanced tools for creating high-quality, customized images. As of today, Google’s AI provides more automatic design templates for designers. These enhancements will help you produce particularly engaging ads tailored for diverse audiences and platforms.

3D Ads

Imagine being able to try on clothes virtually through Google. This vision is now a reality. Advertisers can incorporate 3D images and videos, including virtual try-ons for clothing, directly into their ads. These features are expected to boost customer confidence, enable virtual product experiences, and drive purchases. Additionally, Google will offer tools for creating high-quality, personalized product images.

AI-Powered Search Summaries

Google is expanding its use of AI in search results, introducing AI summaries that provide users with comprehensive answers to their queries. Early trials have shown that this new tool encourages more searches and enhances user satisfaction with search results. Furthermore, visits to websites via AI summaries are of higher quality, with users spending more time on the site. This new tool will soon be available to more users in the U.S., with plans to expand to other countries. Google notes that the tool operates automatically, requiring no action from advertisers. Relevant content, including search ads, standard campaigns, and Performance Max ads, will appear in AI summaries based on the search query and data collected by the AI.

New Analytical Tools

Advertisers have previously faced challenges in obtaining a comprehensive view of their search data. Now, Google is introducing enhancements in the process of importing direct interaction (First-Party) data, consolidating all search data in one place through Google Ads Data Manager.

Google Ads Data Manager

In conclusion, it’s clear that artificial intelligence is becoming a cornerstone of marketing strategy, as highlighted in our 2024 Digital Marketing Trends Report. These new tools enable marketers and advertisers to create more effective ads, target their campaigns to relevant audiences, and analyze campaign performance in a significantly smarter and more efficient manner.

Omer Leibenzon

Omer, a content writer with a youthful entrepreneurial spirit, finds particular joy in playing and composing music. Tasks demanding creativity consistently ignite his enthusiasm. He's drawn to creative individuals. Following the establishment of one of Israel's largest personal development communities, Omer pivoted his primary focus to his second passion: content writing. Over the past five years, he has honed his skills and expertise in content writing and marketing strategy.

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