The Birth of 3 Door Digital: an Employee’s Perspective

A couple of months ago, when we were planning Matan Media’s annual fun day at the beach scheduled for June 20th, something very curious happened.  Sarah, our Operations Manager started asking around the office to make sure we’d all be in the office on June 19th.

“June 19th?”, we all said, “But the fun day is the next day!”  Details were not forthcoming, and we were all a bit confused, but since the date was a few weeks away, we all sort of forgot about it.

Fast forward to the day of mystery.  We were told on Monday that we’d be getting company lunch the next day in advance of a company-wide meeting that might take up our entire afternoon.  The anticipation at this point was palpable, as nobody knew quite what to expect.  After nervously scarfing down the Sushi and Pad Thai that the company ordered me from Kyoto, a local restaurant, it was time for the show.

In the morning, Paul (our CEO) had rearranged the conference room so that he was standing at the front of the room next to a table with a giant flat-screen TV hooked up to his laptop.  Chairs for the rest of us lined up in two rows in front of the opposite wall.  On the screen was the first slide of what looked like an lengthy and elaborate PowerPoint presentation. We all settled in.

What followed, as you all know, was the announcement that our beloved Matan Media was to merge with Pleer, the famous UK firm run by power couple Anna and Alex Moss. This exciting new international superpower would be known as 3 Door Digital (a great name that alludes to the company focus on ICE: Interaction, Conversion, and Exposure). Paul explained that upon analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Matan Media and Pleer, it was obvious to both sides that a merger would give us the complete package in terms of what we could offer to both our current clients and potential new clients.

Needless to say we were all excited, but were still a bit nervous because we didn’t know how this would affect our day-to-day responsibilities or paychecks.  Paul assured us that though we would be taking on some new tasks, much of what we did would stay the same, and our paychecks would not be affected other than being paid to us by the new company.  That was certainly a relief.

Following our questions, we had a Skype chat with Anna and Alex across the Mediterranean in which they briefly introduced themselves and told us how excited they were about this move.  We then went over some tasks that needed to be completed before the launch and who could take care of each of them.  Finally, we all cracked open some bottles of wine and toasted to the success of 3 Door Digital!

Since that meeting, we each individually Skyped with Anna and Alex so that they could get a feel for what each of us do and hope to do in the future.  Personally, I expressed an interest in blogging and social media, so here I am!  Someone in the office also told me about a free online coding course to improve that aspect of my digital marketing skillset.  All in all, I was very pleased with the opportunities that I’ve received since the announcement.  All that was left was the launch itself on July 2nd.

The day of the launch, the entire office was amped up, and again the company provided us with lunch to celebrate!  Sarah shared us all into a Google Doc which outlined what we each had to do and when to make the launch run as smoothly as possible.  That included transferring our email accounts over to, taking new company pictures, publicizing the launch on Facebook and Twitter, and updating our employment info in our bios and on LinkedIn.  At the end of the day, all went without a hitch!

Since the launch, the excitement has really lasted.  Morale around the office is high as we are all very pleased to be working for an international agency that offers so many new services to help our clients.  Still, we are back to our daily routine of working hard to make sure that the new company is a big hit!

I hope this gives you a better idea of how things happened.  I just wanted to thank Marc, Paul, Anna, and Alex for all their hard work behind-the-scenes to make 3 Door Digital what it already is: the best digital marketing firm in the world!

‘Til Next Time 🙂


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Gideon Wellins

Gideon Wellins

As the Head of International SEO I manage and oversee the team and campaigns here at Angora Media.

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