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Welcome to another edition of the Digital Roundup. This roundup will cover some of the digital marketing articles that have been shared around the 3 Door Digital office over the last couple of weeks. We share the posts we discuss in our weekly hangout as we chat about them. Be sure to follow #3dddrm to stay up to date and join in the conversation. The hangout takes place every Wednesday at 10am GMT.

Israel-Hamas Twitter War Could Get IDF Account Suspended | HEAVY
Author. Eitan Levine

Since the tension between Israel and Hamas has been increasingly tense over the past week or so, I thought I would start off with an interesting post that may give some insight as to whether high profile twitter accounts have to adhere to the same TOS as the rest of us. To give an example, it seems at first glance that both @IDFSpokesperson and @AlqassamBrigade have clearly violated Twitters TOS’s but have not been banned. Could it be that military, celebrities and other high profile Twitter accounts do not have to adhere to the same TOS’s as everyone else?

With Google’s Former Identity Director As CTO And $2M In New Funding, Trulioo Launches Fake Facebook Profile Detector
Author. Anthony Ha

Social media just got a little bit harder. Trulioo is a service that analyzes if your Facebook profile is real or not. It can supply you with a multitude of information, including user age, location and phone numbers.

In the future, Trulioo plans to expand services to provide even more information. Right now you can request a beta account via their website and wait to be approved. Once that happens you can start testing which profiles and which are fake!

The Flexible Framework for Writing High-Converting Landing Page Copy
Author. Michael Agaard

Landing pages should consist of header, sub-heading, primary information which is “need to know” and secondary information which is “nice to know”. The most important thing to remember is that “one size does not fit all” and you have to be flexible when it comes to writing landing pages. Be clear, concise and to the point. Don’t leave anything up to the imagination and don’t be over creative. Some other points to consider are:

  • Ensure that you provide concrete data that supports your offer and the title of the page.
  • Emphasize aspects and facts that mitigate anxiety and/or compel the prospect to read more.
  • Identify a problem and briefly explain how your service or product will solve it.

3 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate With Images [Case Studies]
Author. Gregory Ciotti

  1. Photos of People Can Increase Empathy
  2. Make use of Women, Babies and Attractive People where possible
  3. Photos of Objects Can Increase Trust even if the object is not so related

Take the extra time to make good product mock-up photos (especially when dealing with digital goods) to help the trust factor on your site.

Once again this does not apply in every single situation but are “general good practice” guidelines.

Reverse Engineer Any WordPress Website – Discover The Hidden Secrets
Author. James Dunn

The article discusses the ways in which you can view not only the theme that a WordPress site uses, but also the version number and what plugins are installed. This is a good exercise on your own sites to identify possible security holes (such as broadcasting what version of WordPress you are using) as well as identifying plugins that other sites are using, allowing you to use them on your site.

3 Hidden Optimization Tips in Google Analytics
Author Aviva Jorstad

  1. Increase conversions from organic search

Without going into too much detail on the how, there are three questions you can ask yourself after filtering the data from organic search visits (Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic):

  • Increase conversions from organic search
  • Does the landing page provide relevant information
  • Does the landing page have a clear CTA

To get full instructions on the how, you can visit the original post.

  1. Get the Links you deserve

By looking into the referral report under traffic sources in Google Analytics you can see which sites are referring traffic to yours. Set the date range to cover the past 6 months and check out the top 50. Think about what is missing and go seek them out. Do some competitor analysis on other niche’s that they have posts on and go get them too!

  1. Get content and architecture ideas from site search

If you don’t have site search set up see this post to get it done. Once you have site search and a reasonable amount of data look for searches that have a high “Time after Search” since this indicates a high interest level and a low “% Search Exits”. If this content is not easily accessible to the user then you might want to think about putting it in the top navigation or creating a CTA for it on the homepage.

I hope you enjoyed our roundup and don’t forget to follow #3dddrm every Wednesday at 10am GMT to join the conversation. Feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions below.


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Gideon Wellins

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