10 Reasons Why

YOU Should Work With Us.

"Find a job you love and never work a day in your life"


We spend one third of our life at work.
It's nearly 90,000 hours over a lifetime for an average person, wouldn't you prefer this period be significant? Here are 10 reasons why you should spend it with us.

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10 Extra Days Off Every Year

We work to live and not live to work. Every one of us have our own wishes, hobbies and goals but unfortunately there isn't always enough time. Sometimes, even for the most fundamental things like spending time with friends and family.

We decided to change that and decided to capture the moment when we announced it (watch the short video to the left).


Annual Company Trip Abroad

It's started from a reward as part of an internal competition for getting 1,200 guests to our annual conference "Next Case" and because it was such fun, we decided to make it a permanent tradition, doing our best to fly every year to another location. Of course employees don't need to pay, flights and accommodation are on the house!


Flexible Working Hours

Why frame our working hours if the only thing that matters is results?

Our working hours are super flexible to get our employees as much free time as they need for their personal life, hobbies and time with family.


Passionate About Personal Development

While perks, an easy commute and a high salary may be what gets employees in the door, they aren’t necessarily what keeps them around. 39% of respondents in GlassDoor's research from 2019 reported that growth within the company is crucial factor for employees retention.

Professional training, conferences, meet-ups and visits in the leading tech companies are only a small part of our investment in personal development.


A Family-Friendly Work Environment

With demanding jobs and long working hours, many parents miss significant periods of time during the first years of their babies’ lives.

Parents need time and support to give their children the best start in life, so we decided to create a more family-friendly workplace at Angora Media. Flexible days off, encouraging parents to bring their children to the office during holidays, flexible working hours, flexible working time arrangements through work from home, positive parenting practices with staff etc.


No Gender Discrimination - Everyone is Equal!

We are all born into a world filled with stereotypes, and unfortunately statistics show trends haven’t changed much. We don't understand why?

Discrimination based on motherhood, pregnancy, family responsibilities, position in the company, salary etc are just not us.

We actually love to celebrate the 8th of March every year and are very proud about it. It reminds us what Alphonse de Lamartine once said - "There is a woman at the beginning of all great things".

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Making A Life BEFORE Making A Living

We want you to enjoy life and enjoy your work, it's a combination that goes hand in hand and helping you find that balance is important to us.


Producing the Largest Conference in our Industry

It's a big honour for us to produce "Next Case" every year. More than 1,200 CEO's, entrepreneurs and marketing experts taking part in the largest digital marketing conference in Israel. While being the producer of the event bring us much pride, what we like the most is actually the months BEFORE the event.

In those months our office goes into "Next Case mode" - bringing all team members together which helps strengthen relationships. Crazy videos, creative campaigns, brainstorming and loads of energy make this period unforgettable. To the right is one of the internal office videos we created for Next Case in the past, enjoy!

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Taking Care of Employee's Health (both Mental & Physical)

Personal water bottles, fresh fruits, healthy snacks/nuts, herbal tea, weekly office yoga/sport workout, walking meetings, pets at work - this is only part of the things we are doing to make sure everyone have a healthy day routine in the office.


Encouraging everyone to simply to be themselves

Live and let live! Don't gossip, don't criticise and don't try to change others. Different personalities and different points of view create a diversity that makes us so special as human beings.

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Join our Family 🤗

As you can see, it's all about personality, connection and synergy. Knowledge and experience is important of course, but those skills can be acquired over time, we prefer to feel the passion and desire to enjoy work, grow and succeed. Here are some of the open positions we have at the moment in the company:

Angora Media is looking for an International SEO account manager with experience. The applicant will need to have experience working in SEO, either at an agency, or in-house position. We’re looking for a native English Speaker or someone who can function at a native English level to fill this position. This person will handle different aspects of SEO across a range of clients. You need to be enthusiastic about what you do and have a proactive attitude. Knowledge of coding or past experience in content writing is something we would also like to see but is not essential. We are looking for someone with passion and enthusiasm towards honing their skills and helping improve our clients businesses.

When joining us you commit to:
  • Working hard (and smart)
  • Communicating effectively
  • Contributing in a creative way
  • Leaving your comfort zone
  • Continuing to learn and develop
In return we will commit to:
  • The potential to work with big brands within different verticals
  • A relaxed and fun working environment
  • Backing of the entire team
  • Many other company treats and bonuses

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