Doing better business means being better people.

Introducing The Angora Code.

Angora Media is one of the leading digital marketing companies in Israel. What makes us a leader in marketing services is our clients’ satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is our core value and a strategic asset. It is a key component of our long-term relationship with our clients and partners. This is why we comprised this code of service document. This document expresses our commitment to our clients and their satisfaction, and each of our employees is a participant in it.

Our Service Commitment



The difference between listening to simply hearing begins with clarity and transparency. We are committed to listening to our customer’s business needs and aspirations. Should a mismatch in expectations happen, our team and company will always strive for the best plausible solution available.


We strive for high and steady availability to our partners. This is reflected in the response time and the channels of communication where we can be reached.


CommentsResponse/ Delivery TimeService
 Within 1 business dayEmail reply
Within our office working hours- Sunday-Thursday, 09:00-17:30, Tel Aviv time zone, Israel. The business day of the call. Returning an unanswered call
The meeting may be online or in-person, depending on the agreement. At the frequency agreed with the client/partner. Ongoing work meetings
We are using Data Studio, however additional tools may be customized upon mutual agreement. To be delivered by the 10th of the subsequent month. For example, a report for July is to be sent by August 10th, the end of the day. Monthly Report 



Mutual Respect

We are strong believers in equality. We respect everyone to the highest level and consider their given specific condition. Our offices are accessible and will continue to be. We will also maintain a respectable appearance and decorum in the online and in-person meetings with our clients and partners.



Our company operates a market-leading blog (AskPavel), both locally and internationally. With that reputation comes a responsibility to keep ourselves up to date, both individually and as a team. The commitment to learning, renovating and improving also takes place in managing the relationships with our customers. Time tracking, task prioritizing, and proper record keeping of our external communications are some of the tools we use as a growing company.



This is practiced from the very beginning of our relationship with clients when the primary quote is made. The quote contains a detailed and specific walkthrough of what will be done for the client, and with them. This transparency is carried over to our day-to-day. Clear strategies and goals to serve them, with insights, feedback, and recommendations.​

Our Core Values

In addition to the Service Code, we penned values that help us lead internally as a team, and externally with our partners and clients.


We are considerate and respect one and all, share credit when things go well and take responsibility when things go poorly. We are inclusive and care about each other like a family, more than just business.


We always see the glass half full, remain curious, have a can-do attitude, embrace problems and big challenges, have fun in everything we do and learn, and grow from our hardest days.


We value impact AND effort, strive to act and not react, are not afraid to get our hands dirty, and take ownership – no excuses. Efficiency is more than doing things quickly, it’s making sure they’re done effectively.


We are experts in our field, never stop researching and learning, actively share our knowledge, are organized and goal-orientated, love honest feedback, and act on it.

Feel like we missed a point or a few?

We value your opinion and strive for improvement.

Don’t hesitate to reach out, and we’ll respond promptly.

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