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Simple Work Processes That Puts Your Goals Forefront

There is no one that knows your business better than you. That's why our first step will be to listen and get as much information about your business as possible - what your products/services are, what your USPS are, who your main competitors are, and what makes you different. After getting a full brief from you, we'll start researching and analysing your niche in order to collect as much information as possible which will help us to create the most efficient digital marketing strategy specifically for your business. We will then define goals and KPI's together and start to work until we hit them. Simple 🙂


No idea what goes in a robots.txt file? Head mangled by the idea of setting up 301 redirects? There are plenty of recommendations we can make to help your website gain greater organic visibility.

If you operate in multiple languages/countries, you need an SEO agency with a deep understanding of international SEO best practises. With our vast experience, we’re sure we can help!

Ever felt perplexed trying to work out  why you don’t rank very highly in Google? Prepare for us to tell you! We’ll prepare a full SEO audit, highlighting the specific issues your site is facing.

What are your customers searching for? Which search terms are more likely to deliver sales than others? Our keyword analysis will highlight opportunities to increase traffic and revenue from search.

We can look at your competitors and tell you where they are winning and where the holes are. This kind of competitive snooping is essential if you wish to be above the competition!

Noticed a sudden drop or decline in traffic and conversions? Are you paying attention to Google’s algorithm updates? We have successfully removed many search penalties and regained organic rankings!

Paid Advertising

Advertising with Facebook Ads is highly segmented according to such detailed information, much more than you probably imagine: age, gender, interests, marital status, friends of friends, usage of certain applications and in fact any particular segmentation that will give you more profit.
Allows you to increase exposure through ads shown to users looking up specific keywords on Google (sponsored results). Also, we have plenty of knowledge and experience with remarketing, thus we can target potential clients who visited your website, but have not yet purchased anything.
We create campaigns that feature ads with accurate segmentation, targeting audience in YouTube. So that only specific users viewing specific videos, in a particular subject, in a specific country, in a given age range – will view your campaign, thus making the most out of your budget.

Social Media & Creative

If your potential customers doesn’t talk about you – you doesn’t exist. Every business have a unique story that make him special. As part of our services, we will help you spread the word and bring relevant followers.
Just bringing followers won’t make your brand stand out, real followers create engagement. We will help you building relatioship with your potential customers in social platforms.
Strong relationship with potential customers will drive traffic and leads to your business. Our professional social campaign managers will increase your exposure in social networks.

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