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How we increased leads for Psagot by 32% without drastically increasing media spend.


The Challenge

Psagot College offers a range of training programs, focused in the Capital Market, Real Estate and Business Entrepreneurship industries.

It is managed by true “sharks”, who have been around for quite a while. Therefore, they are evidently familiar with the ins and outs of the industry, key figures, market powers as well as the profile of their prospective student – coming to learn from them how to increase revenues and invest funds in a smarter manner.

During the ongoing course of work, the client receives a satisfactory amount of leads – both in terms of leads’ quantity as well as quality.

Year-end months, as is well known, are highly associated with the shopping holidays: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, The Chinese Bachelors Day, etc. The shopping-fest during these days takes place mostly on eCommerce websites, and to a lesser effect in the realm of lead forms.
In order to win a piece of this festive cake, we had to lay the ground towards the year-end months, and come up with a suitable marketing offering, that will be leveraged through the various digital assets, without drastically increasing the monthly budget, while increasing the amount of leads.

Meaning, we strived towards minimizing the investment and maximizing the result.

What We Did?

The Full Story​

Brainstormed in collaboration with the client, and defining which campaign to launch

Creating a winning marketing proposal, that matches the spirit of the times

Focusing on 2 sales days out of 4 possible dates, in order to optimally allocate the budget for the most significant impact.

The days we decided to focus on were: Black Friday and the Christmas Season (end of the Gregorian year).

Choosing a tool, through which we will be able to meet the strategic goals –

After consideration, we came to the conclusion that a creating a popup to the website and the landing pages will meet our need for exposing the unique marketing proposition to the entire traffic in the assets.

We chose to use the Poptin service.

After we chose the tool to implement the initiative and defined the When, How and To Whom – we moved on to the design and specification phase of the PopUp, with the Angora Media in-house studio.

We put together several design drafts, which were sent to the client – the Black Friday draft and the Year End draft (images attached).

We used suitable ad extensions for leveraging the marketing proposition, in order to maintain the quality score of the ads that already gained mileage and a high quality score.

Image to demonstrate the ad extensions:

תוסף מודעות לקמפיינים

End of the year popup:

פופאפ סוף השנה

Black Friday popup:

פופאפ בלאק פריידיי



Landing Page

Google Ads

Conversion Optimization

Ad Extensions


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יניב ארביב

“In less than six months, Angora Media doubled our number of leads and significantly improved the quality of students”.

Yaniv Arviv



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