Accessibility Statement

Last Updated: January 1, 2023

Angora Media Ltd. is an advertising agency specializing in digital marketing, established in 2013. We are committed to making our organization and website accessible to people with disabilities, promoting equal rights and transparency for individuals with disabilities. If you encounter any issues with our website accessibility or our physical services, please inform us promptly so we can take immediate action to rectify them.

Website Accessibility

An accessible website allows individuals with disabilities to browse with the same efficiency and enjoyment as other users, using assistive technologies and accessibility features.

Physical Accessibility to Our Office

Our office is located at 94 Yigal Alon Street, Tel Aviv.

Our office is situated in a building designed for physical accessibility for people with disabilities. For instance, there is a parking lot with spots specifically tailored for individuals with mobility impairments. Access to our office is step-free and wheelchair-friendly. Elevators in the building announce the floor numbers audibly and have floor markings in Braille. Both in our office and the building lobby, clear entrances with comfortable waiting areas and seating are available. Additional assistance for various disabilities can be obtained in the building’s lobby.

Website Accessibility Adjustments

Our website is embedded with the Enable website accessibility plugin, dedicated to website accessibility. The plugin complies with the manufacturer’s terms of use and accessibility statement.

The website includes:

  • Simple and user-friendly navigation and positioning aids.
  • Textual content written in clear language whenever possible.
  • Content presented in an organized, hierarchical manner, including helpful headings.
  • Website adaptability for various browsers, although we cannot guarantee identical display in every browser.
  • Adaptation for mobile browsing, not limited to desktop computers.
  • Adaptation for different resolution environments.
  • Where important graphic elements exist (distinguishing them from purely aesthetic elements), there is alternative text (alt text) for these elements.
  • The website allows font size changes using the CTRL key and the mouse wheel.
  • Links on the site are attached to brief descriptions explaining the content they link to.
  • Page descriptions, meaningful image tags, and other markers (such as headings) assist in easier website use.
  • Due to the importance we place on accessibility, we have added a dedicated accessibility menu to the site.

Accessibility Menu

The menu, located in a strip running along the website, scrolls with you as you navigate, ensuring constant accessibility. Clicking the icon at the bottom of the page displays the strip.

The menu includes the following functions, drastically enhancing site use for those in need:

  • Site customization button and site tags for assistive devices and technologies for people with disabilities.
  • Keyboard navigation approval among site links.
  • Disabling flashes and/or moving elements on the screen.
  • Monochrome mode (black and white).
  • Sepia mode (brownish).
  • High contrast mode.
  • Black-yellow mode.
  • Color inversion.
  • Clear highlighting of all the titles on the site.
  • Clear highlighting of all the links on the site.
  • Mouse pointer enlargement.
  • Mouse pointer enlargement and color change to black.
  • Reading mode for the site.
  • Displaying the accessibility statement.
  • Reset button to disable accessibility settings.

Moreover, for your convenience, we have added keyboard shortcuts:

  • Esc key opens and closes the accessibility toolbar.
  • Ctrl + key increases site text size.
  • Ctrl – key decreases site text size.
  • Ctrl 0 key resets the site to its original size.
  • Spacebar (SPACE) scrolls the site down.
  • F11 key enlarges the screen to full size. A subsequent click reduces it back.

Please note that we have made numerous non-disabled adjustments to the site and its content, some of which are described below:

  • Adding the accessibility menu plugin present on all site pages.
  • Adapting the site for various resolutions and even different monitors.
  • Adding tags and labels to various pages and images, ensuring coherent and fluid reading.

Accessibility Limitations

To prevent sensory overload, some images included on the site for graphic purposes only may lack descriptions or appropriate tags.

Because our site has been online for many years, it contains a vast amount of content uploaded in the past. Therefore, there may be content we have not yet made fully accessible. If you encounter barriers hindering your use of the site, please bring them to our attention, and we will address them promptly.

Contact Information for Requests, Accessibility Issues, and Improvement Suggestions:

If you encounter any accessibility problems on our website or require assistance, please feel free to contact our accessibility coordinator:

Name: Ziv Eliahu
Phone: +972-52-2433441
Email: zivi[at]

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