Search Knows No Bounds: Google Launches Circle to Search

Omer Leibenzon
AI doesn't rest, and now Google brings us a new technology: Circle to Search, expected to make the search process more intuitive and convenient than ever, revolutionizing the way we all use smartphones.
Circle To Search
Source: Google Store

Non-verbal search on Google is not a new concept. Features like Multi-Search already exist, allowing users to capture and search. Recently, Google announced the integration of artificial intelligence, which has gained significant traction in the search world, even in this tool.

This time, Google announced an upgrade – “Circle To Search,” built on the Multisearch’s search infrastructure.

What does it practically mean?

A feature available to all Android users, allowing them to circle different elements on the screen they want to search, including text, images, and videos. The trigger to activate the search is up to the user, not limited to circling – you can also use a click, a swipe, or highlighting. The new function arises from the understanding that today, almost all the information we use daily can be found on our mobile devices. However, the current search process, involving switching between various apps and text-based searches, can be cumbersome.

The Idea Behind Circle to Search

Google chose to demonstrate the utility of the feature through a scenario in a fashion influencer’s video. In that example, the influencer might not tag the brand of the featured clothing. Until now, if we wanted to find and purchase those specific clothes, we couldn’t do so easily. But now, this option will be much simpler. With the new search technology, you can circle any relevant item and get immediate search results, including links for purchase and similar products. The search will work in any supported app, including social networks like YouTube and TikTok. After the search, the user seamlessly continues where they left off.

The World of Search Takes a Leap

As we mentioned in the 2024 Digital Marketing Trends Report, 2023 was a quantum breakthrough year for artificial intelligence, particularly in the integration of AI into searches.

The difference in the user experience with Circle to Search is that it becomes much easier to understand various topics across the internet.

Google explains:

“Suppose you’re browsing a social network and see a picture of a unique pastry. This isn’t the first time you’ve come across such pastries. The new search feature allows you to ask complex questions, such as ‘Why are these pastries popular?’ Immediately, you’ll discover that the trend results from a blend of tastes and textures that gained traction in the Korean kitchen.”

A New Way to Search: Circle to Search

This is a new capability that hasn’t been seen before in processing and utilizing data for user benefit.

The idea behind Circle to Search is to enable quick and easy searching without the need to switch between apps in a way that disrupts the process. Moreover, the new search method will ease the burden on users in searching for information, eliminating the need to sift through what they are looking for. Users can search for anything, providing their curiosity effortlessly. This news is already generating interest in the marketing world, raising questions about the digital marketing methods we’ll need to learn in the future. It seems that the search process will become more convenient and readily available, with a reduced emphasis on text-based queries.

When Will the Feature Be Available?

Advanced search functions of Google will be available from January 31, 2024, in all languages for users on premium Android devices – Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S24.

Source: AskPavel

Omer Leibenzon

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