Digital Roundup: June 25th – July 10th

Digital Roundup: June 25th - July 10th
As always, lots has been going on over the last few weeks and we have been reading and keeping up to date with it all. Below you can find a roundup of interesting articles the 3 Door Digital team have been reading recently.

Penguin Update – Run, Baby Run!
Cristoph Cemper of Link Research Tools posted a sweet infographic depicting the top winners and losers of the Google Penguin update. We all know that having a strong back-link profile is becoming more and more important. Getting links on strong, trusted sites like Mashable or Forbes is a great indicator to Google that your link profile is to be trusted. However if you have a very small amount of links from these strong, trusted sites and the rest of your links come from weak, non-trusted sites then Google will be able to determine that your link profile is not up to scratch.

Cristoph also points out that winners from the penguin update have 30% of their links on link-lists whilst losers only have 10% of their links on these lists. We at 3 Door Digital do not recommend abusing links on link lists as part of a link building strategy as we believe that these links are not particularly valuable. However, we questioned Christoph about this on twitter and here is his response:

Christoph Cemper tweets about link lists

Can Google Really Access Content in JavaScript? Really?
Matthew Edgar of QW Consulting, Inc. wrote a detailed article on SEOMoz showing tests that he carried out explaining what can be accessed by Google within JavaScript and AJAX. Matthew did a test for both jQuery and AJAX on 3 different domains and found that jQuery tabs are better than AJAX since the content is directly on the page with jQuery and with the AJAX the content is not. The easier you make it for Google to index your content the better.

Conversion Rate Optimisation: How to Get More Sales
Fabian Alvares of SEO Gadget published a “super-spiffy” infographic showing two options for conversion rate optimisation. One option is the bad path, which details some so called “best practices” which include having an arrow next to your ‘call to action’ will increase conversions and green buttons convert better than red ones. Implementing practices illustrated in the bad path without the use of the good path can lead to a CRO fail since you have to gain trust of the users before making CRO changes.The second option, the good path gives a 9 step guide on how to nail CRO with great tips along the way. Their main points in succeeding with CRO are to identify, target and test.

Define and Align: A Manageable Content and Social Media Marketing Process
This post was wonderfully illustrated and written by Mackenzie Fogelson of Mack Web Solutions. The post details a methodical process that spells out who does what and when and how. Mackenzie goes on to explain, with an infographic about link building and social media strategies coupled with ongoing implementation and measurement. Some of the key processes include analyzing and observing, building your online community, developing your strategy and creating value. All of the points within the infographic are then broken down and explained further.

Google Launches +1 Recommendations Today (Update)
Bas Van Den Beld of State of Search points out that Google have rolled out an update to their +1 button on websites. When clicking on a +1 button on a website it would normally just well, +1 the page that you are on and tell you how many other people have +1’d the page also. Now, with this update, once you click on the +1 button you will see more information. The first thing you will see is that you have publicly recommended this page, (as normal) you will then see a section that  shows what other pages have been recommended by your friends on the website and how many times it has been recommended.

Some other posts that you may enjoy or find useful are:

I hope you have enjoyed the post. Be sure to check back soon for our next digital news roundup. Comments are welcome 🙂


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Gideon Wellins

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