Boost Sales with the New Google Structured Data Carousels

Omer Leibenzon
Introducing a new feature that can increase sales on your website - a product carousel with a preview of what's happening on the site, allowing users to get a "taste" directly from the search results.
Google Structured Data Carousels
Source: Google Search Central

The new feature, currently in beta version, enables the display of a carousel of data from your site directly in the search results. This allows for richer content presentation, providing interesting opportunities to deliver value right from the SERP (Google Search Results Page).

What is a Host Carousel and how to add it?

A Host Carousel is a new way Google is trying to help users get informative or promotional value without accessing the site itself. The information is presented in a horizontal list format that can be scrolled, enabling the display of specific information from your site directly in the search results. The displayed information includes images, product prices, and additional details. For example, a virtual store can showcase a list of products in the search engine without users needing to visit the site. Carousels are a popular advertising method on other platforms as well, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Adding data to the Host Carousel is done using simple code, embedding data to serve Google with structured data. Google has published a detailed guide with precise instructions for embedding the new feature. Adhering to the guidelines is essential for the information to be displayed as intended in the search results. Google also provides two tools for checking code validity: the Rich Results Test and the URL Inspection Tool.

To be eligible to display a Carousel result, structured ItemList data must be added along with at least one of the following supported structured data items:

  • LocalBusiness – including details about the business, such as Restaurant, Hotel, or Vacation Rental. A generic business definition can be used – for example, LocalBusiness, but specifying the specific type is preferable.
  • Product
  • Event

To enable Google to update with future changes, it is recommended, as with any SEO project, to submit the site map in Search Console.

What are the benefits of using a Host Carousel?

Google’s Host Carousel can assist you in several ways:

  • More visibility: The Host Carousel occupies a larger space in the search results, highlighting your content.
  • Improved click-through rate: Presenting information in a rich style can increase the number of visitors who click on the link to enter your site.
  • Increased engagement: The information carousel encourages customers to take actions such as purchasing products, signing up for newsletters, and more.
  • Customer acquisition through targeted advertising of specific products and services: A Carousel can lead visitors to your site based on searches for specific products or services.


Source: AskPavel

Omer Leibenzon

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