New Feature on Instagram: Smart Recommendations for Brand-Influencer Collaborations

Omer Leibenzon
Instagram is expanding its Creator Marketplace to 8 additional countries, allowing content creators to easily forge collaborations and connections.
Instagram Creator Marketplace
Source: Meta Newsroom

In 2022, Instagram launched its Creator Marketplace in the United States. The Creator Marketplace is a platform that connects brands with influencers, facilitating easy business relationships and collaborations. Now, Instagram is expanding the service and extending the marketplace to 8 new markets: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Japan, Brazil, and India. Chinese brands relying on exports can also form connections with influencers from other countries.

Advertising through machine learning

Instagram is considered a recommended platform for collaborations between advertisers and influencers. The latest innovations are expected to further enhance advertising effectiveness, especially given the significant shift in influencer marketing trends recently – with the rise of “nano influencers” (read more about this in our 2024 Digital Marketing Trends Report).

Beyond expanding into new markets, Instagram is introducing another significant feature – automatic recommendations for potential collaborations between brands and content creators. The recommendations will be gathered through machine learning technology, allowing advertisers to identify the most suitable influencers for their campaigns with minimal effort.

The recommendation feature is based on vast amounts of data, which is nothing short of pure gold for marketers. In addition to the matching itself, Instagram strengthens collaboration through the option to create partnership ads. The names of the brands and partners will appear side by side in the ad, providing an effective way to distribute content organically while maintaining transparency.

How does Instagram’s Creator Marketplace work?

  • Brands and advertisers can join the Creator Marketplace through Meta Business Suite.
  • The marketplace allows you to search and find influencers by setting filters such as target audience and additional characteristics.
  • You can initiate requests to creators and also receive proposals from creators themselves.
  • You can create a call to action for a large number of creators and choose those that suit you.
Creator Marketplace Search
Source: Meta Newsroom

The new improvements in the Creator Marketplace provide a great opportunity for creators and advertisers alike. Now more than ever, it’s worth considering Instagram for collaborations and reaching new audiences.

Source: AskPavel

Omer Leibenzon

Omer, a content writer with a youthful entrepreneurial spirit, finds particular joy in playing and composing music. Tasks demanding creativity consistently ignite his enthusiasm. He's drawn to creative individuals. Following the establishment of one of Israel's largest personal development communities, Omer pivoted his primary focus to his second passion: content writing. Over the past five years, he has honed his skills and expertise in content writing and marketing strategy.

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