Up to 15 Photos in a Post: Instagram Introduces Expanded Carousel

Omer Leibenzon
A new opportunity for longer content or visual overload? Instagram launches a pilot - 'Carousel' with up to 15 photos in a post.
Instagram more frames carousel

The platform expands its post function, allowing the addition of up to 15 photos and videos to a single post, compared to just 10 previously available. The new update is initially available to a limited group of users but is expected to expand and open up to more users after data collection and feedback. The expanded carousel opens up creative opportunities for marketers but also presents challenges in terms of content presentation and conveying messages to the follower audience.

Advantages of the Expanded Carousel for Social Media Managers

The new addition has several benefits that will enhance everyone’s content creation and consumption:

  • More comprehensive storytelling: The ability to showcase more photos and videos in each post can enhance your ability to perform deeper, more captivating, and comprehensive storytelling.
  • Product and service promotion: The expanded carousel will allow you to display a wider range of products and services in a single post, emphasizing the unique features of each.
  • Greater engagement: Multiple and rich posts tend to generate more comments and likes. Thus, you can improve the engagement of your follower audience.

3 Tips for Proper Use of the Expanded Carousel

The new feature has the potential to assist social media managers in managing Instagram accounts. However, several points should be considered:

  • Quantity, not at the expense of quality: The expanded quantity cannot come at the expense of content quality. Make sure to upload high-quality videos and images throughout the entire carousel.
  • Maintain a broad context: Ensure that all photos and videos have a common context to avoid confusing users or overloading them with unnecessary information. Maintain a consistent visual line.
  • Add clear descriptions: Make sure to add a concise, sharp, and clear description to each product or service in the carousel. Include appropriate hashtags in the descriptions.

A New Opportunity or Unnecessary Overload?

For now, the new feature is only available to a small group of users. Some users reported the option to add up to 20 photos and videos to each carousel. Instagram officially confirmed that they are experimenting with the new option and collecting feedback from users. The collected information will determine whether Instagram will implement the addition or continue with the previous format. Either way, it’s advisable to closely monitor developments and wisely leverage them to promote your product or service.

Source: AskPavel

Omer Leibenzon

Omer, a content writer with a youthful entrepreneurial spirit, finds particular joy in playing and composing music. Tasks demanding creativity consistently ignite his enthusiasm. He's drawn to creative individuals. Following the establishment of one of Israel's largest personal development communities, Omer pivoted his primary focus to his second passion: content writing. Over the past five years, he has honed his skills and expertise in content writing and marketing strategy.

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