[SEO Case Study] How We Increased oNecklace’s Organic Traffic by 180% in 4 Months

Onecklace SEO Case Study Results

So, how exactly did we increase oNecklace’s organic traffic by 180% in 4 months?

Around 5 months ago we received a call from the owners of oNecklace.com.

oNecklace are a jewelry company focusing on Name Necklaces and customized jewelry. Despite the company’s success and growing sales in a competitive marketplace, they were having  a hard time with organic visibility in Google. They had worked with an SEO company previously, but they had lost hope and belief in SEO and were turning to us in one last effort to see if they could actually grow traffic and sales through Google’s organic search results.

The Problem:

When oNecklace hired us to manage their SEO for them, they had two primary goals:

The first was to rank for a specific set of very relevant keywords that had high search volume. The second was to increase organic traffic overall across their site and different product pages.

Challenge accepted!

The Solution:

Working together with oNecklace’s talented team we made specific technical improvements to the oNecklace website.  Created high quality content and obtained links and exposure from relevant websites and partners.

Onecklace Organic Traffic Graph

But like we always tell our clients, true success lies in proper campaign planning! Here are 4 techniques that worked well for the oNecklace campaign.

1) Detailed Keyword Research & Mapping
Everybody talks about keyword research and everybody in SEO does it right? But not everybody implements their findings correctly. Even though oNecklace had previously been optimized by another SEO company, we found many important keywords were missing from their site pages, and many of the important ones were not optimized correctly on page. We spent a lot of time not only gathering important keywords, but also mapping them to pages that made the most sense to a user landing directly from an organic search.

2) On-page Optimization
Again, this was something that had been implemented previously, but not to the level needed. Time and effort was put into optimizing pages for target keywords. From deciding which keyword combinations to use to thinking about CTR and increasing clicks on oNecklace results.

3) In-Depth Content Planning
The oNecklace campaign required our team to work with the clients in-house writers. To succeed here we provided in-depth content plans. From ideas for content topics (based on our research), to links to related sources for writers to read up on, keywords we wanted to connect to the content, sub-title ideas and more.

4) International Recommendations
oNecklace wanted to receive more traffic from additional countries, such as the UK, Canada and Australia. Based on the needs and requirements, we ended up going with a strategy of creating international versions of the site on sub-folders, for example, /uk and /ca. After correctly configuring on-page content, search console and HREF-Lang, oNecklace saw great increases in organic traffic and engagement from those target countries.

The end result? Not just an increase in organic traffic, but an increase sales:

Onecklace SEO Case Study: Revenue Increases

Are you also struggling with SEO? Feeling dismayed and unhappy with your traffic from Google?


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