[SEO Case Study] How We Increased Organic Revenue by Over 89% for a Sports Tickets Client

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So, how exactly did we increase our clients organic revenue by 89%?

The client approached us around a year ago, asking for help with SEO.

As a supplier of tickets for sporting events with a major focus on football (soccer) tickets. Despite the company’s success and growing sales in a competitive marketplace, they were struggling to bring organic traffic in for the main clubs they wanted to sell tickets for.

The Problem:

When the campaign started the client had two primary goals:

The first, was to rank for a specific set of keywords and increase organic traffic related to specific football teams in the UK. The second was to increase organic traffic overall across their site, helping them to sell more tickets.

Challenge accepted!

The Solution:

Working together with the client’s development team we made specific technical improvements to their website. We provided a plan to create specific pages to target the high volume terms and other pages to catch long tail searches. We also created high quality content for their blog and obtained links and exposure from relevant websites and partners.

Organic Traffic Increase

Whilst much of our success was dependent on improved content and link acquisition, here are some techniques that assisted with the overall success:

1) Detailed Market Analysis
A deep analysis of the search landscape was prepared for each major keyword or topic area we were focusing on. This gave us vital information on our SERP competition and enough data to provide a strong indication on what would be needed to jump above the competition for each keyword/topic.

2) Site Performance
All recent messaging from Google points to the need to ensure that your site is technically sound with optimal speed performance. This was a big issue here and was an area we initially worked hard on solving. From technical issues such as hierarchy and indexation, to site speed and performance.

3) In-Depth Content Planning
This campaign required our team to revamp the entire blog. At first, we provided in-depth content plans based off our knowledge of UK Football, from ideas for content topics, to links to related sources for writers to read up on, keywords we wanted to connect to the content, sub-title ideas and more. We also cleaned up the blog from a design and usability perspective, managing the content completely, from research through to publication.

The end result? Not just an increase in organic traffic, but an increase sales:

Revenue Increase from Organic Traffic

Are you also struggling with SEO? Feeling dismayed and unhappy with your traffic from Google?


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Gideon Wellins

Gideon Wellins

As the Head of International SEO I manage and oversee the team and campaigns here at Angora Media.

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