TikTok Launches Initiatives to Encourage Longer Video Content

Omer Leibenzon
TikTok unveils a rewards program for creators and upgrades its "Creator Academy," aiming to incentivize higher-quality and longer video content.
Tiktok monitization

TikTok announces several changes aimed at encouraging higher-quality and longer video content on its platform. These changes reflect the platform’s ongoing commitment to fostering high-quality content, a trend TikTok has prioritized for years: in 2021, 2022, and even in 2023, when videos reached a peak of 15 minutes. To further encourage creators to produce longer videos rather than short ones, TikTok has announced an expansion of its monetization options and rewards program. TikTok hopes that the new rewards will help creators build dynamic connections with viewers while maximizing its advertising revenue – a win-win situation for both parties.

Update 1: The New Rewards Program

The first update is TikTok’s Creator Rewards Program. Under the program, TikTok will reward users who upload long videos (over a minute) that generate significant engagement. The program will focus on original and high-quality content. In return, creators will be eligible for a range of prizes. The monetary rewards in the program will now increase significantly, with videos expected to yield creators 20 times more profit than previously seen on the platform.

Update 2: Subscription Program Opens to More Users

Another significant update is TikTok’s subscription program. Until now, the subscription program was only accessible to creators with live broadcasts. Starting now, all creators (who meet the criteria) can offer paid subscription packages. The subscription program includes many features, such as tags, customized emojis, exclusive content, and subscriber-only chats. All of these are designed to strengthen the bond between creators and their communities. As of writing this, the new subscription program is open by invitation only, but in the coming weeks, additional users will be able to apply for eligibility.

Update 3: Upgrades to the Creator Academy

TikTok’s investment in new monetization options is designed to keep creators on TikTok and prevent them from migrating to competing platforms like Instagram and YouTube. In addition to these updates, TikTok is also upgrading its Creator Academy. The academy provides tools, courses, videos, and guides for smart TikTok use. With these tools, social media managers will be able to maximize the platform’s potential.

In summary, TikTok is choosing to focus on promoting higher-quality content. The move, ultimately, comes against the backdrop of the growing use of AI technology, which only underscores the importance of creating original and engaging content (TikTok has already taken responsibility in this regard). Content creators can see this as an opportunity to leverage the new changes to outshine their competitors, reach new audiences, and generate high profits. In a sense, marketers may benefit from the new changes even more than hobbyist content creators – after all, those who produce high-quality, long, and engaging content are the ones who will take center stage.

Source: AskPavel

Omer Leibenzon

Omer, a content writer with a youthful entrepreneurial spirit, finds particular joy in playing and composing music. Tasks demanding creativity consistently ignite his enthusiasm. He's drawn to creative individuals. Following the establishment of one of Israel's largest personal development communities, Omer pivoted his primary focus to his second passion: content writing. Over the past five years, he has honed his skills and expertise in content writing and marketing strategy.

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