Google Integrates Tweets into Desktop Search – What You Need To Know!

On the 28th of August 2015 Google expanded their use of Twitter by integrating tweets into desktop search. Currently tweets display when searching for names, latest trends and hashtags.

Click the play button below to watch/listen to myself and @techblokedotcomdiscuss how integrated tweets are currently working and their potential impact on individuals and businesses. Below the video I have listed some of the key takeaways.

Key Takeaways

  1. Brands and Individuals need to think about the content of their tweets more than ever, considering that their last 2-5 tweets will potentially represent them on search results pages for their name.
  2. Customer Service and Reputation Management may be more important than ever. Tweets from random twitter users mentioning your brands products and services have the potential to display in the search results now.
  3. Tweets are showing for latest trends and hashtags; this means their means there will be new opportunities to gain traffic through displayed tweets surrounding breaking news or popular topics
  4. Images can be displayed alongside tweets in search – It is already well known that tweets that include images generally attract more attention, and it looks like this will become even more important as Google are indeed showing images alongside tweets.
  5. Now that Google have more access to twitter data, could this mean this part of the social graph will start to have a greater impact on regular organic search results?


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