AHREFs Hacks, Organic CTR Study, the latest Google Update and More…

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Happy last month of Q4 everyone! The team here at Angora are always reading, sharing, learning and trying to up our game; closely following industry updates, picking up new tricks, and learning things that we read and test.

Over the last few weeks of November we came across some really interesting articles and social media threads that we shared internally and decided to share with the world; so welcome to the first of our “What We’re Reading” series. We hope you enjoy and learn something new!

12 non-obvious SEO use cases of ahrefs (twitter thread)

Tweet from Jake - 12 none obvious SEO use cases of @ahrefs

      See the full twitter thread here

Our thoughts: Jake shares some awesome ahrefs use cases here. They are quick and super actionable! Something we love here in Angora. The use cases cover a broad spectrum from analyzing websites that are for sale to creating better, data-driven content briefs.

* Found and shared by Mark Ginsberg, Director of International SEO & PPC

The Largest Organic CTR Study Ever Published!

Link to original linkedin post  –  Link to full article and case study download

Our thoughts: This research is super interesting and gives some valuable insights when it comes to SEO. It looks like CTRs are higher at the top of page 2 than the bottom of page 1, which can be quite surprising even for SEO veterans like us!

Found and shared by Kyle Place, International SEO Account Manager

PPC in 5 minutes or less

Nathan Waitman

Link to original Linkedin pulse article

Our thoughts: Nathan does a really good job explaining the basics of PPC.  If you’re a business owner who wants to get into the paid media world, then this is a good starting point. I still think it’s better to let professional marketers handle it or at least guide you through the process – Google can be really strict sometimes.

*Found and shared by Shira Teller, International PPC Account Manager

The ‘November 2021’ Google Core Update

seroundtable.com - Google November Core Update

Link to full article on seroundtable.com

Our thoughts pre update: We had to brace ourselves as well for the November Google update. We can’t tell what it will do to our SEO customers in terms of results, yet our experience shows updates either help or don’t change anything.

What we do know is that Google is increasing its efforts to get rid of spam, affiliates, and poor quality pages and doing more to understand brands and entities. Companies with ambiguous names, for instance, should benefit from a smarter algorithm. Since Google likes to mix up the results, it’s important to be aware that if one or two sides had top positions, Google might find other high quality pages and make the former’s position drop. This also means that it’s important to keep all pages with new and strong content, especially in a competitive market.

* Found and shared by Kyle Place, International SEO Account Manager

7 best link-building services for SEO performance

link to full article on searchengineland.com

Our thoughts: We found this article extremely important because link building is an inherent part of SEO work. Links are just like votes, Google scans them and discovers new pages across the internet, measuring the reliability of the website. Just like the phrase “tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are” – Google judges your website according to the sites linking to it. It’s a gentle mix of quantity and quality, so when you’re link building, it’s important to use the right sources, and this article explains how to do it properly.

* Found and shared by Guy Sternfeld, International SEO Account Manager

What Can We Learn From All Of This?

The world of SEO and PPC is hard ongoing work that doesn’t give a day of rest, yet it is extremely rewarding at the same time. The challenges are endless; new keyword searches are constantly generated as trends come and go, new information is advertised every second, new websites are constantly being created and despite all of that, Google’s core updates can threaten to rock the boat.

Nevertheless, at Angora we thoroughly enjoy jumping into deep waters and bringing our experience and skills to the test, so that our customers and clients can benefit from our wealth of knowledge and experience.

We hope you enjoyed the first article of ‘What We’re Reading’, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below and get ready for the second article coming shortly!

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