Why Angora? We Explain The Meaning Behind Our Name

As one of the top digital marketing agencies in Israel, you can be sure that we have come across some interesting questions in our time. However, one question that often takes us by surprise is when clients ask us: “Why ‘Angora’? What does Angora mean?”.
Why Angora?

‘Angora’ can mean lots of things. Some of the most popular types of ‘Angora’ nowadays refer to wool, rabbits, and cats.

If you took a sneak peek at our logo (scroll up to the top of this page), you will see our logo is a cat.

So, we decided to do the most obvious thing we could think of, and we have written a blog post explaining the meaning behind our unique name.

Starting At The Very Beginning, Where Does ‘Angora’ Originate From

‘Angora’ isn’t an original Latin word (this may be surprising) but Latin actually took inspiration from Ancient Greek, Ἄγκῡρα, meaning Ankara, the capital of Turkey. So, years ago people would actually call the capital of Turkey, Angora.

Although the capital of Turkey changed its name, the name of the Turkish domestic cat has not changed. Yes you guessed it, the Turkish domestic cat is called the ‘Turkish Angora’ (also called the ‘Ankara cat if translated directly from Turkish – but we prefer Angora).

Why Did We Choose A Domestic Cat To Represent Us?

There are many reasons why we chose a cat to represent us, rather than dogs, or even big cats like lions.

Here are some of those reasons:

1. Quietness

Unlike dogs, cats are usually quiet and love to sit planning their day alone, coming together with their fellow cats only when it’s necessary. Dogs, on the other hand, rely on much more human attention (sorry if you are a dog lover:) ).

At Angora Media, we believe that building a strategy is important before acting. We take each day to plan our strategy, both short and long-term. We pride ourselves on working individually, and coming together to share ideas and give feedback to one another, as our teams are only as strong as the individuals inside them.

2. No fear

Cats are seemingly not scared of anything. You will often see videos of them taking leaps of faith to reach a new ledge or shelf. If they fail, they get back up and try again.

At Angora Media, we aren’t scared of competitive industries or hard challenges. If we make a mistake (as all humans do), we get back up and try again, only this time, better.

3. Playfulness

Cats are playful creatures. Give them a ball of yarn, they will play for hours. They aren’t as serious as big cats or lions often seem to be.

Just like cats, we love to play. We are often playing around with new tools and methods to optimize a website or run a PPC campaign. We don’t get bored by doing the same thing over and over again, as this is something we genuinely love doing, and simply can’t get enough of it.

4. Cleanliness

Just like cats keep themselves clean and tidy each day, we do the same here at Angora Media.

Not just in the way we present ourselves to each other, but the way we present both ourselves and our work to our clients is of the utmost importance. Making sure our monthly reports are on time and uniform in presentation, and our tech audits are presented in a clear way for the client to read is our top priority.

5. Sociable

Although cats seemingly are alone most of their days, they are often found nearby to other cats at any given time. If needed, they will all come together and discuss very important cat-topics.

We, too, are very closely connected with our clients. We are in constant communication on a daily basis, so our clients are informed at each stage of what is happening on our end. Most of our clients also want to learn more about SEO and PPC, which is why we are always happy to jump onto a call to go over the aspects of their campaign, and how this will help their business.

We Named Ourselves After A Turkish Cat, But Why?

Understanding the reasoning behind our name requires us to understand what exactly makes this cat special, and stand out from the other breeds of cats that are in this world.

The Physical Features Of An Angora Cat Are Distinct

Although there are many different colors and patterns of Turkish Angora cats, they are most commonly found to be white.

An Angoran’s fur is typically one of the main attractions of the animal, as it’s usually quite long, shiny, manageable, silky, and long. Basically, they have a good hair day every single day, no matter the weather.

Likewise, red, brown, grey, black, and white Turkish Angora Cats are also common types of cats.

Are Angora Cats Rare?

Turkish Angoras descended from the African wildcat and are a distinct breed of cat. However, Turkish Angoras began to be imported to the Americas during the 17th century and Persian breeds incorporated the cats into their breeding programs. This caused the population of Turkish Angoras to diminish.

As a result, the Ankara Zoo set up a breeding program to try to preserve the cats. Angora Cats are a rare breed to come across today and are considered a national treasure.

Angora Cats As a Symbol

Turkish Angora Cats often are a symbol of good luck and worship for the Turkish people, especially since Angora Cats have been preserved from extinction. Also, Turkish Angora Cats have been associated with fortune and purity.

Now, we aren’t saying we believe in these symbols, but we did choose our name for a reason, and so far we have had pretty good luck. But let’s keep going.

What Are The Characteristics And Personalities Of A Turkish Angora Cat?

Angoras are sweet, loyal, determined, and intelligent. They know how to enjoy and have fun, but they can quickly change due to their environment or the situation they are in. Better yet, they are friendly to everyone they meet – both humans and animals.

This is one of the best ways to describe us at Angora Media. We work hard, but we also play hard. We know that with hard work comes rewards and satisfaction, and this is our we approach each and every day. Just like the Angora cat, we appreciate the time spent with our work friends, but we also can switch at any second and get back down to business with our clients.

The Core Values Angora Media Upholds Every Day, Despite Being A Cat-Friendly Office

At Angora, we love animals, and we have an all-inclusive pet-friendly office. So, you can often see a fur baby being carried around or sitting at someone’s desk. But, beyond loving cats, we also have very similar qualities to the Angora cat.

  • Angora’s are considered a national treasure – being one of the top digital marketing agencies in the whole of Israel sort of makes us a national treasure as well.
  • Angora’s are a symbol of good luck – luck is often on our side when we work with our clients, as we are trusted by over 60 companies to organically optimize their sites and run their PPC ads. (Now, we know it’s not really luck, and it takes hard work, skill, and dedication, but to our clients, it often seems like we bring them luck!)
  • Angora’s are considered a rare breed of cat to come across – there isn’t really an agency quite like ours here in Israel. We are formed of a close-knit group of people who are experts in what they do. We consider ourselves to be one of a kind, which is why so many clients trust us with their businesses.

Why Choose Angora Media?

Angora Media turns your business’s goals into a reality. We thoroughly enjoy helping businesses increase traffic, leads, and sales through our main services:

But beyond these services, we pride ourselves on being determined, optimistic, and friendly, just like the Angora cat.

If things go poorly, we take responsibility and always share credit when things go well. We love helping our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience and seeing how we can positively grow their business. Most importantly, we respect one another and are always considerate.

At the end of the day, we are more than just a business. We are a place where all our employees feel comfortable working, which reflects positively on the work we do for our clients.

Not Just An Angora, Not Just A Digital Marketing Agency. We Are Angora Media.

At Angora Media, we are more than the characteristics of Angora, and we are more than a typical digital marketing agency.

We go above and beyond in our work to make sure our clients are satisfied with their results. We work together as a team to tackle problems, we have great communication, and we love a good happy hour!

So, that’s the story behind our name. It may be unique, but this is what makes us stand out. If you have any other questions about us feel free to comment below, and we will happily answer them.

Also, if you are interested in our services please contact us here and we will happily speak to you. We might be named after an animal, but we don’t bite!

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