More Performance, Less Effort: Gemini Will Assist in Creating More Effective Google Ads Campaigns

Google is expanding its use of Gemini for targeted campaigns - this integration is expected to make your advertising campaigns more efficient and save you hours of work. So, how does it work, and what's essential to know?
Gemini Google Ads
Source: Google Ads & Commerce Blog

In 2022, Google launched Gemini, its artificial intelligence model designed, among other things, to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Since this technological revolution, considered a real game-changer for many marketers, Google has been working hard to broaden the use of the Gemini model for its various products. Indeed, a year later, a new era was announced in Google Ads, with an automated text generator for ads based on the same mechanism. Now, they’re enhancing the user experience of Google Ads advertisers even further, in a slightly different way – AI-powered chat.

Advertisers are asked to provide the Chat with the URL of their site or landing page, and from there? The chat will take care of the work itself – generating ads optimized for Google search. The ads include creatives, images, and relevant keywords, saving advertisers a lot of effort.

A 12% Increase in Conversions due to Usage

The innovative technology is expected to not only save work and time but also improve the performance of campaigns. Google uses the “Ad Strength” metric to rate the performance of each search campaign. The result is divided into a score of “low,” “average,” “good,” or “excellent.” Based on a test conducted by Google on a small group of advertisers, it turns out that the chances of running campaigns with a rating of “good” or “excellent” are 42% higher in a battle with users in their chat-based advertising interface. This dramatic figure leads to an average increase of 12% in conversions, and consequently, increased profitability.

Artificial Intelligence – Not Just in Search

The search landscape is changing rapidly. If in the past we settled for keyword-based searches, later expanded to visual (Google Lens), and in the near future, the search is becoming even more advanced and multidimensional. As the search process becomes more complex and intuitive, creating an advertising campaign also becomes more challenging. It’s hard for advertisers to predict potential keywords, and in the near future, the search will no longer be textual only. Just a few days ago, Google introduced the Circle To Search feature, allowing users to search for anything displayed on their screen through gestures – including text, images, and videos. In an era where search becomes AI-based, it’s natural for advertising to follow suit.

So, What’s Truly Innovative About Gemini?

The significant difference in Gemini, making it advanced compared to other models, lies in how it’s built, based on deep multimodal learning. This fact allows it to process enormous amounts of data in a short time, and indeed, in tests conducted by Google, Gemini outperforms competitors in various metrics. Expanding the use of chat for creating advertising campaigns makes the user experience more convenient and efficient than ever.

For now, the chat operates in English only in the United States and the United Kingdom, but it is expected to expand to other languages and countries in the coming months.

Source: AskPavel

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