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How Zerto Increased ROI by 179% on Google Ads While Maintaining Ad Spend Levels

Discover how Zerto grew ROI in the tech B2B sector while staying within pre-existing budgets by improving relevance scores, adjusting targeting & campaign focus & implementing automated bidding strategies.


The Results


ROI Growth




Revenue Growth

The Client

Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, simplifies business continuity by streamlining on-premises and cloud application protection, recovery, and mobility. Their cloud data management platform mitigates risks and complexity in modernization and cloud adoption across private, public, and hybrid environments. Founded in 2009, Zerto is trusted by over 9,500 global customers, supporting major cloud providers and 350+ managed service providers.









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The Challenge

Operating in a highly competitive sector, Zerto needed to grow its pipeline and overall revenue while maintaining a tight focus on ROI and ad campaign performance. Additionally, the highly individual sales process, with multiple touch points and interactions, by nature is a longer, drawn-out process typically spanning many months. Hence, the longer sales cycle presented particular challenges with revenue and pipeline attribution with the built-in reporting tools of the ad platforms. Working with fixed allocated budgets, Zerto faced the challenge of growing opportunities and ROI while operating within a fixed budget. Hence the need for increased marketing efficiency, with campaigns catering to all aspects of the funnel. Additionally, we had to make sure that our marketing efforts were properly tracked and attributed within Zerto’s marketing and reporting platforms.

The Solution

Campaign Consolidation

As a global provider of disaster recovery and business continuity services, the Google ads account was highly segmented and split into regional and topical campaigns. In a consolidation effort, we combined geographic campaigns and reorganized the account, campaign and ad group structure, allowing for combined efforts and more collected within individual campaigns. This updated campaign structure facilitated the collection of more data per individual campaign, enabling the implementation of smart bidding strategies reliant upon enough data to allow for Google’s machine learning algorithms to efficiently optimize the campaigns.

Broad Match and Smart Bidding Strategies

In tandem with the account restructuring and campaign consolidation, smart bidding strategies were implemented for primary campaigns in tandem with broad match bidding for target keywords. The campaigns were able to take advantage of Google’s new machine learning capabilities, optimizing keyword bidding and visibility for broad match keywords in the target CPA campaigns. The implementation of the broad match keywords in target CPA campaigns allowed for drastically lower cost per conversions and improved campaign and account ROI.

Performance Tracking Overhaul

To provide further insight and visibility into campaign performance, we worked with the Zerto team to overhaul the campaign tracking and tagging configuration. This thorough review and overhaul provided clearer insights and reporting capabilities, providing us with additional information that was fed into our campaign optimization efforts geared towards improving efficiency and campaign ROI.


The Results

The account saw an increase in overall ROI of 179%. This growth in return on investment was accompanied by an overall 143% growth in revenue, highlighting the improvement in efficiency of the campaign. This growth in revenue and ROI improvement was obtained while maintaining a stable budget and reducing CPAs by 29%, which serves to further highlight the improvements in campaign efficiency and performance.

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Our partnership with Angora Media has been instrumental in achieving remarkable results for Zerto. Through strategic campaign consolidation, smart bidding strategies, and a meticulous performance tracking overhaul, we witnessed a substantial 179% increase in ROI. This growth in ROI was accompanied by a 143% increase in revenue, all while staying within our fixed budget. Angora Media’s expertise and innovative approach played a pivotal role in enhancing campaign efficiency and performance, proving the power of a strong partnership in the tech B2B sector.
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Carley Oberdoerster

Global Director, Digital Strategy & Demand Generation

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